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The Crimson Ghosts - Forevermore

About the Vinyl version:
- limited 1st press of 500 copies
- white Vinyl
- 16-pages booklet
- inside-out cover print

About the CD version:
- Digipack CD
- 28-pages booklet

About the MC version:
- limited to 100 copies
- white cassette
- 6-pages booklet

01) On a succubic night (Guestvocals by Nim Vind)
02) Of a guilty man (IV)
03) The legend of Walking Sam (Guestvocals by Argyle Goolsby/ Blitzkid)
04) Enshrined in silence (Guestvocals by TB Monstrosity/ Blitzkid)
05) From the underground world
06) As the whisper grows
07) Me or you?
08) Slashed (Guestvocals by Slaughterlamb/ Hellgreaser)
09) Forevermore (Guestvocals by Pete9/ Wolfskull)
10) Devil in the white city
11) Wine of gods

The Crimson Ghosts were formed on Halloween 2001 and from the start the combination of strong, up to four-part vocals and songwriting diversity distinguished the band as one of the top acts of the genre. The sixth album "Forevermore" was recorded between September and November 2022 and will be released on May 12th, 2023 via Ring Of Fire Records and Broken Silence. The sound of the Crimson Ghosts has always been very versatile with its changes between classic punk, metal, very calm tones and ballads, doom and grindcore, and this time elements were used that expand the sound again. The lead vocals are no longer mastered by V alone, but complemented by J's voice. In addition, a number of keyboard passages and guest vocals are used, so that there is a maximum of variety.