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Gum Bleed - Punx save the Human Race

The most striking and legendary punk band to emerge from the People’s Republic of China. Formed in 2006 Gum Bleed combines political awareness and metaphorical lyrics with fast and catchy Punk/Hardcore/Rock/Alternative for a classic and compelling sound.

After officially releasing two full length albums „Balefi re Juvenile“ (2009) and „City of the Heroes“ (2015), three EPs, numerous splits and international compilations, the quartet have made the name for themselves with powerful live shows and an international perspective that’s driven them to relentlessly tour abroad and release globally as well as in China.

During their annual European and national tours, they played in various festivals and clubs, shared the stage with bands such as DRI, DOA, The Casualties, Total Chaos, Big D and the Kids Table, SS Kaliert, Mr. Irish Bastard, Brain Failure, SMZB, Misandao, etc. Gum Bleed has made a number of international connections and become instrumental in bringing foreign bands to China. In this way, Gum Bleed has also played a key role in supporting China’s youth scene, proving that they
embody not only the soul of Hardcore-Punk-Rock but also the spirit of the global community.

Their 3rd studio album „Punx save the Human Race“ is co-released by Ring Of Fire Records (GER), toanol records (GER) and Bad Look Records (PL) on 180g mixed-colored vinyl (500 copies) and comes with a 4c text inlay.