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Overtime O.S.T. (Various Artists)

"This album is an absolute head banger! I have been listening to it on repeat since the bands all finished recording their tracks. The album has some amazing bands from all over the world… UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Sweden and Germany. To say that it’s the best soundtrack album of the year is NOT hyperbole!" – Mario Covone, Director of ‘OVERTIME’

The bands featured on the album are: The Crimson Ghosts, Zombiesuckers, So Long Until The Séance, The Green Mantles, Devilsnite, 5c Freakshow, The Casket Kids, The Night Creepers, Flirting with Corpses, Ghoulgasm, Fright Night Nasties, as well as two tracks of the movies official score, composed by Tom Rumbellow and Michael Samuel-Bryan.