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Dylan Disaster - Remission

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2nd Solo Album by Dylan Disaster of Nowherebound! 12 catchy Streetpunk anthems! Vinyl comes with a printed innersleeve, 350g cover and a download code.

Dylan Disaster's sophomore album titled 'Remission' is an evolution from his debut solo record. Contextually, sonically, and lyrically, the album ebbs and flows the way that life does with highs and lows. The album itself is about the process of reaching a place of remission. We all have our own struggles in this world, whether it be heartbreak, life threatening illness, divorce, lonliness, depression, or grief and the loss of a loved one. Though all these struggles are different, there is a process to overcome them that is similar for all struggles. The process consists of ups and downs, sureness and unsureness, confidence and anxiety, loss and hope. This album is a representation of that process. Songs like 'Remission', 'Sun Came Rising', and 'Long Forgotten Yesterday' represent a place of hope, or a confidence that things are going to be ok. Where as songs like 'Can't Keep Up', 'Precautionary Tales of Self Destruction', and 'Milestone' are songs of giving up and losing control of the things around you. There are also songs that represent the middle of the road phase of the process, songs like 'Halfway Home', 'Symphony' and 'Restless Heart' represent a place of content, where things aren't exactly where you want them to be, but they aren't exactly where you don't want them to be. And lastly, 'South Long Island', a song about home represents making it through and feeling ready to start anew.