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The Crimson Ghosts - Yet Not Human

14 brand new tracks by one of Germany's greatest Horropunk bands of all time! Guest appearances by Argyle Goolsby and Nim Vind!

Limited Vinyl:
Gatefold cover, black inner sleeve, colored 180g Vinyl (limited to 500 copies worldwide), Download Code

Digipack in DVD size, 16-pages booklet with all lyrics

2-flap booklet

01) Chapter five
02) Nearly free
03) Don´t follow
04) Rebirth
05) S. A.L. I. G. I. A.
06) A mother’s heart
07) Chaos sphere
08) Patient zero
09) Ego sum qui intus habitat
10) Leichenschmaus
11) Coming for you
12) Rise again (featuring Argyle Goolsby & Nim Vind)
13) Yet not human (featuring Nim Vind)
14) The end complete